All of my books are available in print and e-Book formats on Amazon.com. There are also many audio versions now available from Tantor and Audible for my books. Please visit my author page at Amazon or use the detailed links below for each book.

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Dragonfriend Series

The tale of a girl and a Dragon, and a love that changed their world. Available in multiple formats including narration by Erin Bennett.

Dragonfriend - Ebook - TantorPrint - Audible - Audio CD
Dragonlove - Ebook - Tantor - Print - Audible - Audio CD
Dragonsoul - Ebook - Tantor - Print - Audible - Audio CD
Dragonstar coming in 2017

Shapeshifter Dragons Series

Dragons, stunning aerial battles and romance in a world above the clouds. Bestselling fantasy adventure! Available in multiple formats including narration by Shiromi Arserio.

Aranya Ebook - Print - Audio - Audio sample
Shadow Dragon - Ebook - Print - Audio
Song of the Storm Dragon - Ebook *NEW*

Aranya is also available in a simplified Chinese edition on Amazon.cn

Chinese - Aranya - Ebook

Shapeshifter Dragon Legends Series

The courage of the smallest dragon will be tested to the utmost. Bestselling fantasy in Coming of Age on Amazon.

The Pygmy Dragon - Ebook - Print - Audio
The Onyx Dragon - Ebook - Print - Audio (coming Jan 2017)

The Pygmy Dragon is also available in Italian. Find this volume in the Italian Amazon store.

Italiano - Il Drago Pigmeo - Ebook - Print

IsleSong Series

Richly imagined and evocative fantasy set in an unspoiled ocean world. This series is chronologically linked with Dragon Thief.

The Girl who Sang with Whales EBook - Print
The Girl who Loved the Whales - coming soon

Equinox Series

A terrible accident. A life torn apart. A disabled equestrienne embarks on the ride of her life in this magical horse-themed fantasy. Ride away with Zaranna!

The Horse Dreamer- EBook - Print

Dragon Thief 

Imagine if the treasure stole you? Awkward.

Dragon Thief - Ebook - Print


Epic quest fantasy with a tongue-in-cheek twist. Feynard's forest needs a hero, only he's rather more interested in being a wet blanket until a feisty Dryad takes matters into her tiny hands.

Feynard - Ebook


Shioni of Sheba series

Unique African fantasy for Middle Grades readers set in the ancient Kingdom of Sheba.

The Enchanted Castle - Ebook - Print - Audio
The King's Horse - Ebook - Print - Audio
The Mad Giant - Ebook - Print
The Sacred Lake - Ebook - Print
The Fiuri Realms - Ebook - Print

Shioni of Sheba Omnibus - Books 1-5 - Ebook

The Legend of El Shashi

A tale of a man cursed with extraordinary power.

The Legend of El Shashi Print - Ebook


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