Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mister Drainpipe release

I'm alive! Apologies for the long silence. I've become aware that my website is woefully out of date and I'm working on some exciting updates for it. What do you think of this as an idea:

My most recent release is Mister Drainpipe, a contemporary literary novel set in Addis Ababa. 

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"Discover the power of restored dignity"

Homeless, alone, haunted by the shadows of the past, Mister Drainpipe is a beggar cast adrift on the streets of Addis Ababa. He ekes out life inside a concrete drain, atop a pile of rubbish.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

In search of diverse fantasy

Fantasy faces the accusation of a lack of diversity both in characters and authors. Diversity of course is a word that in itself is becoming divisive - who defines what diversity means? What are the acceptable 'categories'? Who are the appointed gatekeepers? And whose diversity agenda is the most important or receives the most media attention?

For example, if I suggested my diversity card was that I identify as a 'White African', I rather suspect the responses would range between 'that concept doesn't exist' to 'oxymoron' to 'oh, that's interesting, but it isn't a REAL category.' But of course, following current trends, if I strongly identify with that category and rally enough support then at some point others simply have to accept that my mental state is cogent and legitimate. The forces behind these social movements are fascinating to watch as the world self-examines and tries to formulate exactly what diversity or identity mean.

Here, for example, is a list of African Fantasy novels. Driven by a rising awareness of 'black' SciFi such as the groundbreaking Black Panther movie conceived by Ta-Nehisi Coates we are starting to see new light shed on crucial issues of identity, colour and expression. Exploring these has always been the role of good fiction.

'Black Fantasy' most often refers to fantasy penned by black authors, or starring black main characters. It is a travesty of modern society that we require the label 'black' to signal the significance of certain diverse authors or characters. Should it matter that Coates is black? Yes and no. In a perfect world we'd see far greater representation of black or brown superheroes and would not even need to point out their or their author's colour or ethnic background. And - let's not be guilty of tokenism. This movie is not a checkbox marking off one issue, 'yes, covered that one, time to move on now'. It is not feel-good moment where we ourselves on the back and pretend racism does not exist. There is far more to do in #diversityandinclusion.

I recently watched 'The Impossible', the true story of a Spanish family caught in the horror of the 2004 tsunami. Despite the moving storyline, the directorial choice of an all-white cast presenting a Hispanic family's experiences without focusing greatly on the impact on the hundreds of thousands of Indonesians who perished ... did strike me as ironic and a lost opportunity. Does it only matter that a white family was endangered in this tragedy? Is that what sells cinema tickets best? 

As I seek to grow as an author and as a person, I challenge myself to pick up the diversity baton and charge forward.

You many not be aware that my epic fantasy The Dragon Librarian stars a blind main character. She was an incredible and inspiring challenge to write.

The Pygmy Dragon (cover left) tells the tale of a black Pygmy girl captured by slavers and sold as a zoo attraction. She's then kidnapped by a dragon - but still faces many challenges ahead due to her differences.

This brief blog post covers a few aspects of diversity. I'd welcome your thoughts and reading suggestions! And here's my challenge back to you - why not take a searching look at your reading pile (as I do mine), and consider how diverse it is? Pick up a DIFFERENT book today. Be that person who includes.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tytiana release

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you - Tytiana! - on a special release discount at $1.99 today May 7th ONLY!

"United by flame, divided by all else."

When the privileged heiress Tytiana takes the scurrilous dirt picker Jakani into her service, the sparks truly fly! But who is the moth, and who is the flame?

A tale of misbehaving eggs, villainy, silk-spinning spiders, rebellious immigrants, missing legs, murder most foul, and of course, Dragons!!

This story is set approximately 100 years after the events of Aranya and Beautiful Fury, and is a standalone, full-length novel on the Shapeshifter Dragons timeline.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Beautiful Fury released!

It's here! All the answers you were looking for regarding the fate of Aranya and the Pygmy Dragon wrapped up in a package of epic battles, adventure, twists and surprises galore, and a final battle that is literally out of this world.

Download Beautiful Fury here.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Beautiful Fury - date announcement soon!

Beautiful Fury (Shapeshifter Dragons Book 4) is complete and edited by myself. Today I passed the manuscript on to my excellent proofreader. Cover design is well in progress so I expect to be able to announce a date very soon.

Until then - ride high!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Upcoming release: Chaos Shifter

Infuse your Kindle with the power of Chaos! My upcoming release in June will be Chaos Shifter, a new twist in the tale of Aranya's timeline - my bestselling Shapeshifter Dragons series. This standalone novel clarifies events at a crucial juncture of Aranya's tale as the battle against Marshal Thoralian escalates.

Chaos Shifter is a tale full of dragons, love, revenge and sweeping dragon adventure.

Two outcasts united by fate. Two terrible secrets. One incredible destiny.

As war convulses the ancient realm of Wyldaroon, powerful Dragon Marshals rush to choose sides in the sweeping conflict between Aranya the Star Dragoness and her nemesis, the unstoppable Marshal Thoralian. Islands fall. Nations crumble. Predatory Shapeshifters swoop to snatch the spoils from amidst the devastation.

When Asturbar, a hard-bitten Infantry Commander of the Mistral Fires, is forced into a desperate act of thievery to deny Azhukazi the Necromancer Dragon the magical artefacts he covets, he unleashes an unimaginable chain of events. Conquered. Exiled for life. Banished to an isolated oasis in the endless Doldrums, the Island-desert. For all intents and purposes, he is a dead man.

Yet what he discovers in the wilderness will change his life forever.

Her beauty is fey. Her youthful power, a reviled enigma of yore. Beguiled by the undeniable lure of Chaos itself, Asturbar faces a stark choice. To stand against Azhukazi’s rampant evil, he must ally himself with a lethal, beautiful Chaos Shifter – all it might cost, is his soul.

Available to PreOrder on all Amazon stores.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Dragon Librarian release - 10th Feb

Calling all scrollworms, dragons and librarians! 10th Feb is the big day, but do snaffle your copy today! (all Amazon country stores) (

How can a blind girl navigate the most sacred lore of the mighty Dragonkind?

For Auli-Ambar, born blind and disfigured, life in the Halls of the Dragons is a stark mixture of wonder and the simple labour of cleaning roosts. That is, until she finds herself inexorably drawn to the mystique of the Dragon Library and its powerful Librarian, the venerable Dragon Sazutharr.

She dreams of scroll-worlds opening to her.

But little does Auli-Ambar realise the part that she will play in the fate of the Dragonkind, as a potent cauldron of magic, enigma, politics and draconic power plays comes to a boil in this first volume of Scrolls of Fire.

Set in the same timeline as the Dragonfriend series, with an intersecting storyline.