Cindrelline and the Dragon - released!

Cindrelline and the Dragon picture

Join with me in celebrating the release of Cindrelline and the Dragon! I'm delighted to bring you my first fairytale retellling. It does seem as if the dragons snuck into this story, as you might well expect, but perhaps not in a way you'll anticipate ...

Who is the Beauty and who is the Beast?

A twisted, rollicking fusion of the fairy tales of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast that will keep the reader guessing right to the end. Will Cindrelline beat the curse and enjoy her happily ever after?

Cindrelline is a celebrated beauty who suffers from an appalling affliction, the price of her ancestor’s ill-fated dealings with a Necromancer. The cursed blood of a slain Dragon which runs in her veins has already claimed the lives of her parents and many relatives. Now, Aunt Gretelline has her claws on the family fortune and she has Cindrelline’s medical treatment … well in hand.

(Seems like this calls for a "MWAA-HAAA-HAA!! moment)

Is Cindrelline the accursed Beast? Or the scheming aunt? Or is it the one who publicly humiliates her that night of the Royal Ball, who offers her life as payment to a marauding Dragon to spare the Kingdom of Starmond-on-Wave?

Cindrelline has courage. She knows her duty. Facing the monstrous Dragon that day after the Ball, she makes a fateful choice.

Yet nothing could prepare her for the discovery of who the Beast truly is.

Available on Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback on Amazon.


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