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The Unicorn Caper: A Call me Dragon Novel

Book 5 of Dragon Fires Rising Released! I am delighted to announce the release of The Unicorn Caper   a 505-page novel in the series that starts with Call me Dragon .  This Dragon has skills. He juggles infants upon his massive scaly knuckles. He can blow-dry a Queen's hair in three seconds flat. His cooking is the stuff of legend. Can Thundersong and Azania see the ailing Unicorns home? A caper is a-hoof. The dancing, prancing Unicorns need to return to their ancestral home. Danger? Did someone mention danger? This only involves swimming beneath a desert, dodging active volcanoes and journeying the length of the violently hostile, deadly Skartun region to their … swamp.  Gnarr.  Delightful. Just the place to fly with his best friend and Dragon Rider, Azania. Together with companions old and new, the Dragon and his Queen set out on an epic expedition to the end of the world. Something drove the Unicorns out. Can they keep the equines from capering to their doom? One thing is for ce