Released: The Pirate Cabal

Pernicious pirates and devious Dragons! 

Today's the big day as Thundersong and Azania wing off on another unexpected, hilarious adventure - scouring the Lumis Ocean in search of pirates most pernicious. Unexpected dangers and new friends await.

A short extract:

The lad could only shake his head. “You two are quite mad, did you know that?”

“We prefer the word ‘creative’,” Azania suggested. “Dragon?”

Landing near the cove side of the column, he padded forward until they could all peer over the edge. Gazdonl said, “Three buildings. Three rounds of oil?”

“Exceptional service, Gazdonl,” Azania beamed.

“He certainly has potential,” the Dragon purred. “Crossing oceans and barbaric acts of arson are but the beginning of your training, my fine young soldier.”

The lad laughed awkwardly.

Cracking open the top of the small barrel with his dagger, Gazdonl measured out one third of the barrel to douse each wooden building, with the care of a baker ensuring that his batter received its ingredients in the right proportions. Curving his neck over the edge, Thundersong summoned his flame. The familiar tightening began in his chest as he built up the temperature. Then, he launched an explosive firework fireball into each structure.


Orange flame sheeted forty feet tall as the dry timbers caught beautifully. Oily grey smoke boiled into the pristine island air. Lovely and symmetrical. Pillaging did introduce a certain tingling of guilty pleasure to a Dragon’s five hearts.

The Pirate Cabal is available here.
Call me Dragon, Book 1 in the series is also available here.


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