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The Unicorn Caper: A Call me Dragon Novel

Book 5 of Dragon Fires Rising Released! I am delighted to announce the release of The Unicorn Caper   a 505-page novel in the series that starts with Call me Dragon .  This Dragon has skills. He juggles infants upon his massive scaly knuckles. He can blow-dry a Queen's hair in three seconds flat. His cooking is the stuff of legend. Can Thundersong and Azania see the ailing Unicorns home? A caper is a-hoof. The dancing, prancing Unicorns need to return to their ancestral home. Danger? Did someone mention danger? This only involves swimming beneath a desert, dodging active volcanoes and journeying the length of the violently hostile, deadly Skartun region to their … swamp.  Gnarr.  Delightful. Just the place to fly with his best friend and Dragon Rider, Azania. Together with companions old and new, the Dragon and his Queen set out on an epic expedition to the end of the world. Something drove the Unicorns out. Can they keep the equines from capering to their doom? One thing is for ce

Released: The Pirate Cabal

Pernicious pirates and devious Dragons!  Today's the big day as Thundersong and Azania wing off on another unexpected, hilarious adventure - scouring the Lumis Ocean in search of pirates most pernicious. Unexpected dangers and new friends await. A short extract: The lad could only shake his head. “You two are quite mad, did you know that?” “We prefer the word ‘creative’,” Azania suggested. “Dragon?” Landing near the cove side of the column, he padded forward until they could all peer over the edge. Gazdonl said, “Three buildings. Three rounds of oil?” “Exceptional service, Gazdonl,” Azania beamed. “He certainly has potential,” the Dragon purred. “Crossing oceans and barbaric acts of arson are but the beginning of your training, my fine young soldier.” The lad laughed awkwardly. Cracking open the top of the small barrel with his dagger, Gazdonl measured out one third of the barrel to douse each wooden building, with the care of a baker ensuring that his batter received its

Llámame Dragón: Es lo último que harás en tu vida!

Llámame Dragón: Es lo último que harás en tu vida (Spanish Edition - Call me Dragon)  ( El ascenso del Dragón de fuego nº 1 )  Blitz el Devastador nunca ha hecho nada digno de su especie en su vida. Sin fuego, un artista marginado y rechazado por su clan de dragones, le cuesta incluso saquear hasta la aldea más mezquina. Le espera un futuro lleno de miseria y fracaso. Todo esto es cierto hasta el día en que el fornido Dragón marrón consigue, por accidente, secuestrar a la Princesa Azania. Como princesa negra de T'nagru, esta animosa belleza es por definición la mujer más inolvidable de los diecisiete reinos. Caballeros errantes, hombres de armas y príncipes diversos expiran a sus pies en una adoración impulsiva. Por desgracia, todos ellos quieren su escamosa cabeza en una bandeja poco después. Va con el territorio. Para consternación de Blitz, la molestia real se niega a comportarse y a ser la típica princesa mimada. Con humor, un estilo poco convencional y algún que otro pisotón d

Pirates and Dragons!

  Pirates and Dragons, shiver me timbers! Well, we might need to see if the pirates survive. Just a hint. I'm delighted to announce that the 4th volume of my hilarious Dragon Fires Rising series is coming on April 16th with a novella-length, complete tale that you'll not want to miss. The Pirate Cabal is packed full of adventure, zany humor and new discoveries for our intrepid duo, Azania (She Who Rides the Dragon) and Thundersong (He Who Would Rather Have a Tooth Pulled than Admit to It). Preorders are open !

Khyrial and the King release

A Fantasy Romance to die for Khyrial and the King releases today! Dive deep into this beautiful fantasy romance tale with Khyrial, winged warrior of the Heavenly Realms. Oath-bound to keep the Elven King alive against the odds, the last complication she needs is an entanglement. A fierce warrior to whom honour is everything. A King whose first duty is to his realm. Treachery threatens him within and without. This crown will come with a price, and Khyrial is willing to put her own wings on the line to make sure her oath is not broken. Yet the storms of romance never did break without creating mayhem ... Purchase or download on Kindle Unlimited here Watch the book trailer here !