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Watch out for your funny bone - I am Dragon is here!

I am Dragon Release Day! It's time to put down your coffee - carefully - before you pick up I am Dragon , the second hilarious volume in my Dragon Fires Rising series. The second hilarious, epic volume in Dragon Fires Rising follows the rollercoaster adventures of a misfiring Dragon and a feisty black Princess. Having been kicked into shape by his captive Princess, the Dragon formerly called Blitz has new fires and a new name. He is a Dragon – imaginatively – called Dragon. Now, he must discover who he is. Simple, right? As simple as a Dragon shedding his own scales. With war looming, the intrepid pair decide to fly over the Tamarine Mountains and across the oceans to the Island Archipelago where Azania’s long-time love awaits, hoping to recruit an army of fierce warrior Dragonesses. Can the Princess rescue his King? Will Dragon find his true family and avoid losing his head – literally – over his interest in Aria Seaspray? I am delighted to bring you this side-splitting fantasy ep