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Santaclaws is flying to town!

  I am delighted to announce that the Dragon Santaclaws is flying to town! Wishes are different when it comes to Dragons. Wishes take wing, and come true! Grab a Christmas Dragon tale like no other!   Half-Elf Keir's family and his kingdom are suffering. They desperately need a Dragonmas miracle - but no-one believes in miracles anymore, do they? Santaclaws and his Dragons are long gone. Only the legends remain.   Through blizzard, death-defying adventure, and with the help of friends and family, Keir brings home a most precious gift to his dying mother.   Then comes Dragonmas day, and a miracle beyond his wildest dreams.   $2.99 or Kindle Unlimited - what a lovely stocking-filler! The start of a new Dragon Rider epic for fans of Anne McCaffrey, Eragon and How to Train Your Dragon. Santa Claus - Santaclaws - is really a dragon. Purchase now! This magical dragon tale will continue with releases every three months: Santaclaws #2 - 18th February 2021 Santaclaws #3 - 18th May 2021 Sant