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In search of diverse fantasy

Fantasy faces the accusation of a lack of diversity both in characters and authors. Diversity of course is a word that in itself is becoming divisive - who defines what diversity means? What are the acceptable 'categories'? Who are the appointed gatekeepers? And whose diversity agenda is the most important or receives the most media attention? For example, if I suggested my diversity card was that I identify as a 'White African', I rather suspect the responses would range between 'that concept doesn't exist' to 'oxymoron' to 'oh, that's interesting, but it isn't a REAL category.' But of course, following current trends, if I strongly identify with that category and rally enough support then at some point others simply have to accept that my mental state is cogent and legitimate. The forces behind these social movements are fascinating to watch as the world self-examines and tries to formulate exactly what diversity or identity mea

Tytiana release

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you - Tytiana!  - on a special release discount at $1.99 today May 7th ONLY! "United by flame, divided by all else." When the privileged heiress Tytiana takes the scurrilous dirt picker Jakani into her service, the sparks truly fly! But who is the moth, and who is the flame? A tale of misbehaving eggs, villainy, silk-spinning spiders, rebellious immigrants, missing legs, murder most foul, and of course, Dragons!! This story is set approximately 100 years after the events of Aranya and Beautiful Fury, and is a standalone, full-length novel on the Shapeshifter Dragons timeline. Grab your special release price now! Also available on Kindle Unlimited.