Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Dragon Librarian release - 10th Feb

Calling all scrollworms, dragons and librarians! 10th Feb is the big day, but do snaffle your copy today! (all Amazon country stores) (

How can a blind girl navigate the most sacred lore of the mighty Dragonkind?

For Auli-Ambar, born blind and disfigured, life in the Halls of the Dragons is a stark mixture of wonder and the simple labour of cleaning roosts. That is, until she finds herself inexorably drawn to the mystique of the Dragon Library and its powerful Librarian, the venerable Dragon Sazutharr.

She dreams of scroll-worlds opening to her.

But little does Auli-Ambar realise the part that she will play in the fate of the Dragonkind, as a potent cauldron of magic, enigma, politics and draconic power plays comes to a boil in this first volume of Scrolls of Fire.

Set in the same timeline as the Dragonfriend series, with an intersecting storyline.


  1. Hi Marc, I haven't written in a while. I've read most of your books and just finished Feynard. The Dragon Librarian is next! Seems as I read each of your books or series, in that very book or books, I experience you creating the most amazing worlds with the most amazing creatures I've ever read! I am always drawn into your worlds and can't wait until I can next sit down to read! I have read many authors but when I see that you have a new book out, I am always very excited and quickly order it! Thank god for kindle! Sometimes waiting for a book to be mailed is unbelievable torture!
    Thank you again Marc, for your brilliance, great character development and amazing and believable worlds. Now I'm waiting for sequels to the Horse Dreamer (yeah!), Whisper Alive, Dragon Thief and Feynard! ( more Islesong Books to please)
    Yours, Donna Chase, Oakdale, CT, USA❤️💕

    1. Hi Donna, thank you so much! I do love creating worlds and cultures and all that, as you can tell - one of my absolute favourite things in all the world. Hee hee yes, I am working hard on various sequels and finishing series - Shioni of Sheba also needs to go on your list, as well as Aranya #4. Lots and lots to keep me busy!

    2. Hi Marc, thanks for replying! Your correct for some reason I haven’t yet read Shioni of Sheba. I will have to get to that series. I am well into The Dragon Librarian and love that it is the precursor to Hualiama! Another absolutely awesome read!!! Wonderful to have more pieces and the chronology. Makes me want to go back and reread a number of your books with new eyes! You said I should also read Aranya #4. Which book is this?! I can’t seem to find it.
      Thanks Donna

    3. Hi Donna - sorry, I meant that was a series I need to finish so you can read it :-). Shioni is missing book #7 and Aranya #4 is not yet written (on the way tho). Thanks!

  2. Hi Marc just read The Dragon Librarian and thought it was a fantastic read, wondering when the next book in the series will be available to read

  3. Hello Marc! Just finished The Dragon Librarian, and I didn’t want it to end! Is there a projected date for the next book?

  4. Hi Marc! I just finished the Dragon Librarian, and I did t want it to end! Do you have a projected date for the next book?