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The Dragon Librarian release - 10th Feb

Calling all scrollworms, dragons and librarians! 10th Feb is the big day, but do snaffle your copy today!  (all Amazon country stores)  ( ) How can a blind girl navigate the most sacred lore of the mighty Dragonkind? For Auli-Ambar, born blind and disfigured, life in the Halls of the Dragons is a stark mixture of wonder and the simple labour of cleaning roosts. That is, until she finds herself inexorably drawn to the mystique of the Dragon Library and its powerful Librarian, the venerable Dragon Sazutharr. She dreams of scroll-worlds opening to her. But little does Auli-Ambar realise the part that she will play in the fate of the Dragonkind, as a potent cauldron of magic, enigma, politics and draconic power plays comes to a boil in this first volume of Scrolls of Fire. Set in the same timeline as the Dragonfriend series, with an intersecting storyline.