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This week I'm super-excited to interview J.A. Andrews, author of The Keeper Chronicles (rated a sparkling 4.7* from 69 reviews on Amazon). Psst! Did I mention she writes dragons too ...? Without further ado:

1) What is Noblebright to you?
To me, noblebright means that there is the chance at redemption for every character, and even the world.  There must be a ribbon of hope running through the story, even when the world looks very dark.

2) How do you portray the Noblebright ideals in your work in general and the Luminous selection in particular?
My book, A Threat of Shadows, deals with the question of whether or not we’re forever defined by the worst things we’ve done. Alaric has done things he’d never imagined in an attempt to save his dying wife. And after failing repeatedly, he’s convinced himself that those things are what now defines him.

I think it’s pretty easy for many of us to keep hold of the worst thing we’ve done and believe it has the power to define us. The story is about his path to reconcile who he’s become with who he always thought he’d be, and whether there is hope for his redemption.
3) What is your favourite kind of character? I love characters that are clever and fun and not the best at everything. In fact, I like when they’re not the best at anything. They’re the ones it’s fun to root for as they figure things out.

4) Do you have plans for a sequel to your novel included in Luminous? Yes! I am currently writing the second book in The Keeper Chronicles. It is expected to be published early in 2018.

5) What would you like to see more of in Noblebright? I’d love to see morally complex characters for whom choosing to do the right thing is hard, and so when they do, the strength that noblebright needs will be obvious. Because I believe that it takes more strength to choose good than evil.

6) How do you like to write? Longhand (shorthand?), typewriter, computer, blood, nail scratches on the walls? Lol! I usually type on my computer my first draft, but I have to revise with it printed out on paper. And if I just can’t get a scene to work, it’s usually fixed by writing it out longhand. There’s something about actually writing out the words that lets me connect to in more emotionally.

Also, I write notes on the shower door since all my best ideas show up in the shower. 

7) Are you a speed writer, or a turtle writer? I’m pretty speedy when I have time to write. But I’m a mom of 3 and I homeschool, so the quiet hours are few and far between. That means it takes me a short time to write a page, but a long time to actually finish a book.

8) What is your favourite re-read book for a rainy afternoon? My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. I don’t really love any other of Austen’s books or many other classic novels, but I adore P&P and have read it at least ten times.

9) Tea or coffee? Coffee. With vanilla creamer if I’m home, or froofed up with chocolate and sugar and whipped cream from some place that’ll make it for me.

10) Music or no music? No music. It has to be either complete silence for me to write (one of the reasons I don’t get much done when the family is awake) or I listen to which has magical brain-focusing hocus-pocus powers. Whatever happens there, it really helps me to focus on my writing.

JA Andrews lives deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana with her husband and three children. She is eternally grateful to CS Lewis for showing her the luminous world of Narnia. She wishes Jane Austen had lived 200 years later so they could be pen pals. She is furious at JK Rowling for introducing her to house elves, then not providing her a way to actually employ one. And she is constantly jealous of her future-self who, she is sure, has everything figured out.

Discover JA Andrews, writing, and nine more noblebright reads in Luminous… You can also check out the full line-up of Luminous author interviews at

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Dare to step into lands of myths, magic, and monsters, because there is light to be found in even the darkest of places.

Now, ten fantasy authors have come together to offer this epic boxed set of noblebright fantasy! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to explore ten unique worlds, fall in love with gallant heroes and heroines, and discover the chinks in the darkness where the light shines through.

What is Noblebright fantasy?
Set apart by a sense of hope, noblebright fantasy includes at least one character who, although flawed, still deliberately pursues goodness. And that goodness has the power to make a difference. In a noblebright story, even villains are not without hope. Their redemption isn’t guaranteed, of course, but it is a possibility.

This boxed set includes:
The Lord of Dreams by C. J. Brightley
When a fairy king grants a human wish, there’s more at stake than dreams.

A Threat of Shadows by JA Andrews
Haunted by his past and surrounded by companions carrying their own dark secrets, Alaric grasps at one last chance to save his dying wife. 

Heir of Iron by J.S. Bangs
Family secrets. Forbidden Love. An empire on the brink of collapse.

The Hawk and His Boy by Christopher Bunn
You can run as far as you can, but you can never escape the Dark.

Chronicles of Steele: Raven: The Complete Story by Pauline Creeden
Just when Raven tries to leave the life of a Reaper, she’s pulled right back in. 

The Firethorn Crown by Lea Doué
After discovering a secret underground kingdom and a mysterious sorcerer-prince, Princess Lily must free herself and her sisters from a dangerous curse or face a lifetime of darkness.

Wolfskin by W.R. Gingell
Sometimes the little girl in the red hood doesn’t get eaten, and sometimes the wolf isn’t the most frightening thing in the forest…

Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani
A street thief with a dangerous secret, Hitomi finds herself betrayed to the dark mage who killed her father.

Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland by L. Jagi Lamplighter
Magic school can be a lot more dangerous—and wondrous—than expected.

The Pygmy Dragon by Marc Secchia
Now, the courage of the smallest will be tested to the utmost. For Pip is the Pygmy Dragon, and this is her tale.

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