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Awesome author interview and a giveaway!

This week I'm super-excited to interview J.A. Andrews, author of The Keeper Chronicles (rated a sparkling 4.7* from 69 reviews on Amazon). Psst! Did I mention she writes dragons too ...? Without further ado: 1) What is Noblebright to you? To me, noblebright means that there is the chance at redemption for every character, and even the world.  There must be a ribbon of hope running through the story, even when the world looks very dark. 2) How do you portray the Noblebright ideals in your work in general and the Luminous selection in particular? My book, A Threat of Shadows, deals with the question of whether or not we’re forever defined by the worst things we’ve done. Alaric has done things he’d never imagined in an attempt to save his dying wife. And after failing repeatedly, he’s convinced himself that those things are what now defines him. I think it’s pretty easy for many of us to keep hold of the worst thing we’ve done and believe it has the power to defi