When the muse is not amusing

Update on Aranya Book 4, me & the muse, and the world of dragons.
I'm the kind of writer and person who is led by the heat of the idea. I love mad complexity and beauty and the poetry of words. That's why my series intertwine and come out haphazardly, because I'm chasing one burning idea - an all-consuming storyline - that simply MUST be written. The muse wakes me at 4am begging for time at the keyboard. I fly dragons whilst washing the dishes and produce at a manic rate. I want to use every waking hour for writing. I splash words on paper at 3-5,000 words per day.
Not so fun when the muse is silent, or at best, misfiring. I'm not wanting for ideas. I have 4 or 5 ideas bubbling at any one time, but as I've been labouring on the 4th book of Aranya, to be entitled "Beautiful Fury", I've been struggling for months now to reach that place where the prose simply flows - where I know I produce my best writing. Partly this stems from a struggle with depression this year, worse than I've ever experienced. Those who've experienced depression or loss will know all too well that feeling of living under a dark, oppressive cloud that may not have any particular reason to exist, but it does and it colours everything.
So I hope you will forgive me, but I doubt Beautiful Fury will be finished this year of 2017. I am crafting a couple of other quirky ideas to be set on the Dragonfriend timeline, however - one called Quickpaws which will feature one of Hualiama's grandchildren, and another book to be entitled "The Dragon Librarian". I've also written 4 chapters on a brand new idea which I hope you'll love ...
We all know there are seasons in life. This has been a hard and deeply frustrating season for me and for my family, who have been brilliant. That said, I'm stubborn. A fighter. So I am determined to chase that next burning idea for all it is worth, because I know that the process of creation and crafting to completion will bring back the joy.
Thank you for reading this post. My wish is that you would experience deep, abiding joy in your life, even amidst the struggles. If you can't find it? Chase it!


  1. I just a few minutes ago finished reading Song of the Storm Dragon, which I enjoyed (as with all the others). I hopped on here to find out where book 4 was, and found my answer. I've been depressed before myself and understand the struggle. Hang in there Marc! Your books are wonderful, and you'll hear the laughing sounds of starlight prodding you soon enough.
    All the best,
    Melissa Petrilla

    1. Thank you so much for encouraging me! I've been writing something else "The Dragon Librarian" without any kind of deadline, as I was struggling with that as well. I'm really hoping to get back to Aranya soon!

  2. Hi Mr. Secchia! As someone who has also struggled with depression, I can understand the place you find yourself in. One of the things that brings me joy when I'm feeling down is reading your books. Always magical; a portal into worlds I'd love to live in. I hope you find your place of flowing prose soon,and that this season of frustration means something wonderful is on its way to you. I'm really excited about The Dragon Librarian and Quickpaws! Have a lovely week, sir!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement - very much appareciated. Actually this last week I've been feeling a bit more upbeat and that the writing is flowing better so ... here's hoping!

  3. Any new update on when it is coming out.
    And Marc
    2 things
    1 my name is also Marc which is a coincidence
    2 I also come from South Africa and your African books are really close to real life


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