Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Dragonstar has Risen!

I'm so delighted to announce the release of Dragonstar, the 4th and final (at this point!) volume in my epic dragon adventure series, Dragonfriend.

"Ancient rivals. Awesome Dragon powers. In the crucible of battle, only the strongest will survive."

Fly Higher

As Hualiama discovers her powers and heritage, she must deal with a range of potent enemies, including Numistar Winterborn and her own mother, the Empress of the Dragon-Haters. But the fledgling Star Dragoness will be plunged into deeper and darker perils than anything she could have imagined. Even with Grandion the Tourmaline Dragon and Flicker, her twice-born friend at her side, this star must learn to shine, or be snuffed out forever.

Purchase your copy of Dragonstar today! (Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)

I am now working on the 4th volume of Aranya's tale to complete that series as well. Do remember to check out my allied series set in the same world including The Pygmy Dragon and IsleSong.

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