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Valentine's Fantasy Bundle

This Valentine's Day, the awesome authors at Fellowship of Fantasy have banded together to provide an awesome selection of free and discount Fantasy and Speculative Fiction stories. Browse the titles, select as many as your heart desires, and discover your next favorite author! All Fellowship of Fantasy titles are author rated with a guaranteed content level no higher than PG-13, so you shouldn't encounter graphic sex, gratuitous violence, or excessive language. As pricing can be subject to the whims of the vendors, please verify that the deals are, in fact, still active before purchasing. Thank you! Bargain Books (priced at 99 cents) Fellowship of  Fantasy Rebirth—Frank B. Luke- Amazon Seven Deadly Tales—Frank B. Luke- Amazon The Hidden Level—AJ Bakke- Amazon To Save Two Worlds—AJ Bakke- Amazon The Regency Shifter Series—KM Carroll- Amazon — iTunes — Barnes and Noble Academy of Secrets—Michael Carney- Author Website Sunbolt—Intisar Khanani- Amaz

The Orison of a confirmed Word Nerd

Call me a Word Nerd. My dictionary not only has dog-ears, it looks like a Rottweiler's chew-toy. My friends call me Thesaurus-Rex. I mean, why say blue when you could use azure? Or cobalt, tourmaline or ultramarine? Is the sky the sky, or the peerless welkin? And what, pray tell, may alary be? In that vein, why be a bird when you could tweet like a parakeet? Far be it from me to metagrobolize thee, dear reader! Dialogue is not meant to sound how 'real people speak'. Sorry. The way real people speak - including me - is mostly boring and uses a tiny fraction of our vocabulary. Recently, I was accused by an Amazon reviewer of using words of greater than one syllable. Oops! (The good reader has a valid point, if you think about it). Alright, I know it has as much to do with moving a story forward at a good pace, and with style without the distraction of purple prose, but there is just so much fun to be had on the way that the creative mind simply cannot resist. It