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Islesong news ...

I have completed drafting the second volume in the IsleSong series, The Girl who Loved the Whales! (At long last) The second book is essentially a redemption journey, taking Zhialeiana from a place of terrible darkness to a brighter future. I am hoping to release this book in late February 2017 .  Here's a little taster for you: ’Twas the current of terror we sailed that daysong, Like a Sea-Dragon’s heart was its pulse. Myriad dangers lurk across the long leagues. Pirates. Treacherous Battlecats. A Hunter from the Deep and a city besieged by Sea-Dragons. The combative Bardsong of a mighty War-Titan–what are his wicked plans for her? With strength born of love, Zhialeiana must conquer all. Now, her journey has begun. Betrayed at every turn, can the Girl who Sang with Whales learn to sing a new Song? Can she save the Whales she loves? I'm also pleased to report that drafting of the 3rd book in this series is progressing well. More news on that soon!