New Release - Song of the Storm Dragon

Song of the Storm Dragon, Volume 3 of my Amazon bestselling Shapeshifter Dragons series roars away today - download a storm to your Kindle for $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.
Hey, I'm impatient. Comes with the Italian ancestry :-) I just couldn't stand to sit (ha ha) on the finished files one moment longer than was necessary, so I hit the button 2 days early and we have - STORM! Enjoy the Dragonride!

About Song of the Storm Dragon:

The Storm is coming! The hegemony of Sylakia has been broken and freedom won, but at a shattering cost. Laid low by the vile Shapeshifter pox and Thoralian’s wiles, can Aranya rise again? For war sweeps Herimor at the touch of the Marshal’s evil claws, and he will stop at nothing to possess the ultimate power.

Now, the race is on to find the First Egg of the Ancient Dragons. Accompanied by her friends Zuziana and Ardan, and the magnificent Land Dragon Leandrial, the Star Dragoness must dive deep in her new quest. Cross the uncrossable Rift-Storm to Herimor. Stop Thoralian. Crush his ambitions. Only then will she be able to save her beloved Dragons.

Yet profound Dragon lore enshrouds her purposes. History beckons. What are the secrets of the powerful Dragonfriend and the tiny, lost Pygmy Dragoness? Why did the Dragons disappear? What became of the powerful Dragons of yore?

Arise, o Storm Dragoness! She is legend. She is the whisper of starlight upon Dragon scales. She is Aranya, and this is her song. The Song of the Storm Dragon.


  1. Not sure if you can write fast enough

  2. What Lisa said . . . I am hoping the audio book version will be released soon!

    1. These ol' audiobooks are a bit ferociously expensive to produce and Amazon discounts them heavily, so the return on investment isn't great for a writer. Right now I'm working on audio for The Onyx Dragon, The Horse Dreamer and The Mad Giant which has altogether filled up my schedule. Those should all be out by the end of Feb. After that I'm hoping to engage the narrator for Song of the Storm Dragon.

  3. Understand a writer trying to make perfect his art of storytelling finishing books in timely manner . Love story person tell when Old and senile to death to us part. From reader/writer

  4. Love all the books from DragonFriend and up! When will Song of the storm dragon be released on Audible?

  5. I have enjoyed every book from DragonFriend and up and was wondering when Song Of The Storm Dragon will be released on Audible?

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for asking. For cost reasons the Audible edition of this book is currently on hold. I would like to get everything onto audio eventually but getting really good narrators is not a cheap undertaking. Sorry about that!


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