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Spring into Fantasy - Giveaway!

We're at it again! This time 28 great Fantasy Authors have banded together to bring you an awesome prize. What prize? Maybe I should've said PRIZES!  That's right, the winner of this giveaway gets a $50 certificate AND an ebook bundle of 28 wonderful flinch free fantasy novels. Why flinch free? We're all members of the Clean Indie Reads Site which means while not all our books are for children, you won't find anything more graphic than a low PG-13 rating. So if you're a parent with active teen readers or just enjoy your fiction without a lot of graphic violence, sex, or language, this is a great giveaway for you to enter. Also, did I mention these books are fantasy? That's right! Magical worlds, mythical creatures, and marvelous adventures, at your fingertips.  You can enter using the rafflecopter below.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dragonfriend takes Fantasy Gold

I'm delighted to announce that Dragonfriend  took Gold in the Fantasy Ebook category in the 2016 IPPY book awards. You can see the full list of awards here: IPPY Awards announcement . Dragonfriend is the earliest book in my Island-World chronology which now spans 7 bestselling dragon novels. I am currently working on the third volume of this series, called Dragonsoul.  Lots of surprises and battles planned! Thank you to those who have asked for print versions of Dragon Thief and The Onyx Dragon . I've completed the interior design for these and have engaged the excellent Vicki of Blue Valley Author Services  to do the cover work based on the existing artwork. These print books should be available shortly.

Dragonsoul is coming ...

Back at it! I'll hopefully be posting up photos from my trip around northern Ethiopia on my blog soon. Today, I wrote the first words of Dragonsoul, part #3 of Dragonfriend. They are: "She's dying." I've a rip-roaring adventure planned for you! I've been looking forward to writing this tale for months now, making despicable plans for the antagonists until they meet their deserved ends and our triumphant MC's fly into an Island-World suns-set together ... yes, I'm a sucker for a ha ppy ending. 'Nuff said! Between, there will be dragons, battles, soul-searching, adventure, Dragon lore, romance and a very special surprise for those of you who loved a certain character in Dragonfriend Book #1. Not to mention the wakening of a rogue Ancient Dragon mentioned in The Onyx Dragon, the genesis of the Dragon Rider tradition, a ride down a frozen nostril and an unlikely cavalier rescue. I hope to provide high entertainment, thrills aplenty, wild Dr