El Shashi - awesome new cover!

The Legend of El Shashi is an epic fantasy which explores the impact of extraordinary power on a
man's life. When a selfish man betrays the man who has been father to him, he is cursed by a sorceress with the power to heal with a touch. El Shashi is catapulted into a powerful, redemptive adventure that spans generations. Each healing feeds the sorceress' power. Each act of selfishness raises the Wurm, which chases him for twice as long as the time before.

"I wondered, of the myriad lives I touched in passing, how many concealed such a wounding grief as mine?"

The Legend of El Shashi is the most literary of my works, a deep exploration of the depths and glories of the human condition, seen through the eyes of a man cursed with long life and great power.

The central concept of the story is loosely based on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ - the healing at the touch of his robe, the pool of Siloam, the healing of the blind man, and the casting out of demons, for example. El Shashi must confront both his inner, personal demons, and the demonic power of the shape-changing sorceress Jyla. He must choose what to do with his power and face the soul-destroying realisation that even with the ultimate power, he is still only a man and can only heal those he can touch. Should he travel in one direction, he leaves the sick and the needy behind him.

Now this book has a magnificent new cover by the talented Joemel Requeza. I invite you to experience the powerful, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting and redemptive story that is The Legend of El Shashi.


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