Book review: Red and the Wolf

Review in brief: Red and the Wolf by E.A. Walker

A fresh and original take on the Red Riding Hood fable, Red and the Wolf is a richly atmospheric
story by a writer truly in command of their craft. Well edited and crafted, strong characters and a fast-moving plot make this a real treat. Watch for for some big surprises along the way as you experience this unique retelling of a familiar fable - recommended reading for a dark, stormy night!

Preorder now on Amazon (coming April 6th). Catch up with this author at Goodreads.

Sometimes we read a story thinking 'this has been done before'. But a fresh interpretation can be therefore be the more enjoyable because it surprises and delights us - as this story did for me. I also loved the style of this story, which is poetic and lyrical without dragging in any way. This is 'my cup of tea' and I can heartily recommend this book, and this author.


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