New dragon fantasy - Dragonfriend!

I'm delighted to announce the forthcoming release of my new dragon fantasy, Dragonfriendon April 11th.

Set in the same world as the bestselling dragon fantasy Aranya, this is the moving and romantic tale of the first human destined to break the ancient taboo and ride a dragon. When love is forbidden but friendship grows beyond conventional boundaries, the result is nothing less than world-shattering.

Sample the first two chapters here!

A third great race will rise in the Island-World. Enter the world of Hualiama Dragonfriend, an epic fantasy tale of forbidden romance and deep secrets, mighty dragon battles, an usurper to the throne, and a friendship which paid the ultimate price. Prepare to be swept away to a unique world of volcanic islands which rise above the deadly, occluded Cloudlands, a world where humans have recently thrown off the yoke of slavery under the draconic claw. Grudges are fresh. Passions run high. And love is only an excuse for murder.

The first of a planned two part series, the second is already being drafted.


  1. Expecting yet another awesome adventure from my new favorite author! Already pre-ordered!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to this release. I submitted the final interior file to Amazon yesterday so they're just checking it over now ahead of the April 11th release. What do you think of the dragon on the cover?

    2. He looks epic! I love the Dragon fire, the detail on his scales, and the lighting is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely an attention grabber!

  2. I finished Dragonfriend two days after the official publication but I haven't had time to sit down and write a review that will adequately express how thoroughly I enjoyed it. I'll probably get around to it in the next few days and post it on Amazon, but until then I just wanted to let you know the short version: I loved it! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!

  3. Thank you so much! The sequel will be called "Dragonlove" and is about 65K words in draft at the moment. Head down, typing like mad :-) thank you so much for the encouragement! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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