Tiny dragon, tiny price - 99c special!

The #1 bestseller in Coming of Age fantasy on Amazon, The Pygmy Dragon is on special until 15th October, just 99c on Amazon.com. Come discover why readers say:

"The Pygmy Dragon is a sweeping and majestic fantasy story that gives the reader a front row seat to a world full of one of fantasy's all-star creatures: Dragons."

"What a FUN book. Not too complicated, but a story filled with interesting and varied characters, interwoven plots, and intrigue. I couldn't put it down!"

In other news, I have updated the Pygmy Dragon book file to include a wonderful map of the Island-World done by my artist friend, Joshua Smolders. You have to see this - it is one of the best fantasy maps I have ever seen.

This book has been compared to Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern, which is an honour for me as she's one of my all-time favourite, all-time most awesome authors. 


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