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Shadow Dragon: sequel to Aranya available for pre-order

I'm delighted to announce that the second book in my Shapeshifter Dragons series, Shadow Dragon , will be available for pre-order on The release date is set for December 10th. " Chameleon Shapeshifters, uncontrollable storm powers, and the rise of Sylakia’s Dragon-elite. The battle against evil scales new heights, but the price of victory grows ever dearer.   Once, a Shadow Dragon ravaged the Island-World. Insatiable. Unstoppable. A Dragon-killer. Now the Shadow Dragon has reappeared, on a collision course with Aranya and King Beran’s campaign to liberate the Islands from the scourge of Sylakian tyranny. He is dark, beautiful and deadly, a predator of untold power.  Meantime, Thoralian weaves his web of guile and betrayal right in the hearts of Aranya’s friends and allies. He will bring them to an encounter only he can win.  Incredible aerial battles. An Ancient Dragon bent on enslaving Aranya. The treacherous secrets of Dragon magic. This is the fight for w

99p UK Sale - the Girl who Sang with Whales

This weekend The Girl who Sang with Whales is on sale in the UK, just 99p! Rated 4.6* from 16 reviews on Amazon, and an bestseller in Coming of Age fantasy, this beautiful ocean fantasy is one for those who love unspoiled fantasy worlds, the tang of salt in the air, and the rub of sand between their toes.

Aranya blog tour, win prizes!

The Aranya blog tour kicks off today! Do visit Deal Sharing Aunt for your chance to win an $25 gift voucher and subscribe to this excellent blog. I will update this page as the tour progresses. Aranya is an Amazon bestseller in Sword & Sorcery, a thrilling and fun coming-of-age story which has attracted 29 5* reviews from 45 reviews, and is rated 4.6* overall on Amazon. Customers say: " Dragon shape shifters. Fierce princesses. Evil Princes. Magic. Fate. Hidden destinies revealed. Epic battles. Pygmies. Romance. Betrayal. All this and so much more can be found within the pages of this sweeping fantasy tale. Once you start, you won't want to stop." " Aranya handles herself as a girl of strength and courage" " If you loved all the dragons & riders of Pern, this is for you." " the action was awesome" As with all my books, Aranya is available in eBook format, print, and on Kindle Unlimited. Grab it for a great read!

Tiny dragon, tiny price - 99c special!

The #1 bestseller in Coming of Age fantasy on Amazon, The Pygmy Dragon is on special until 15th October, just 99c on Come discover why readers say: " The Pygmy Dragon is a sweeping and majestic fantasy story that gives the reader a front row seat to a world full of one of fantasy's all-star creatures: Dragons." "What a FUN book. Not too complicated, but a story filled with interesting and varied characters, interwoven plots, and intrigue. I couldn't put it down!" In other news, I have updated the Pygmy Dragon book file to include a wonderful map of the Island-World done by my artist friend, Joshua Smolders. You have to see this - it is one of the best fantasy maps I have ever seen. This book has been compared to Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern, which is an honour for me as she's one of my all-time favourite, all-time most awesome authors. 

New Aranya map - update your device!

I'm delighted to offer an update to Aranya: Shapeshifter Dragons Book 1 , in the form of an amazing map of the Island-World in which the story is set. Please update your Kindle or e-Reader device to receive this update to the book. You can view the map on my blog at by clicking on the Shapeshifter Dragons tab. In other news, drafting of the 2nd volume in this series is proceeding well. I hope to release Western Isles during November. I'm also making good progress on the 5th book in the Shioni of Sheba series, The Fiuri Realms.  Thank you for your interest in my work!

99c Sale! The Girl who Sang with Whales

The Girl who Sang with Whales, a beautiful ocean fantasy, is on sale until 8th October, just 99c! Grab a copy here . Is an author allowed to have a favourite book? Or a favourite character of theirs? To say so is probably to break some unwritten law of being an author. Oh heck. I agonised over the cliffhanger ending in this story. I mean, I almost put myself in bed with stress over it :-), but in the end, it was I thought a great way of rounding off the first book in the IsleSong series. That, or another 100,000 words. Zhialeiena discovers her powers. She makes friends and enemies alike. She battles sea dragons and prejudice, grief and depression. And her destiny begins to unfold, when ... wham! The problem with cliffhangers is that some readers hate them. Just like some readers hate books in which events do not unfold in a linear, logical order, or an ending is left somewhat unresolved. No matter how good the rest of the book might be, if there isn't a neat little package w