Shapeshifter Dragons Book 2: Western Isles

The sequel to Aranya is taking shape! Plenty of people have been asking, 'When will it be ready'? Well, I'm a writer fortunate enough to produce material very fast once I find my creative flow - so I have a solid draft of the first third of the book already in place. I hope to complete Western Isles, the second book in the Shapeshifter Dragons series, before the end of the year. Will Aranya solve the mystery of her mother's heritage and fate? Will she be able to thwart the treacherous plans of the Sylakians, which are more far-reaching than she ever imagined? And what does the Black Dragon want of her? Can he be trusted?

Meantime, why not read The Pygmy Dragon, also a teen/YA story filled with dragons, mystery and romance, set in the same Island-World as Aranya?

The Pygmy Dragon is the exciting first book in a planned two-part companion series to Aranya. It tells the story of Pip, a Pygmy warrior, born in the jungles of the Crescent Islands and raised in a zoo by apes. Pip has a power that will shake the world she lives in - a power that may save the Dragons. But that power makes her a target for the envy and ambitions of others. Set approximately 150 years before the events of Aranya at a time when Dragons and Humans still coexisted in relative peace, it features a young Nak and Oyda, as well as a cast of colourful characters at the secret Dragon Rider Academy at Jeradia Island. It is a tale of no small courage, heroism and magic, where the smallest Dragon will need to make a terrible decision which may save or doom all the Dragons.


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