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Feynard - epic fantasy with a tongue-in-cheek twist - published

I am pleased to announce the release of my new epic fantasy Feynard  in print and Kindle versions on Amazon . Feynard  is a light-hearted fantasy which follows the adventures of Kevin Jenkins as he is kidnapped in order to save Feynard’s mythical Forest from the Blight. The only problem is that he is bedridden, forced to consume 57 different pills daily to stay alive, afraid of beetles, and he doesn’t believe in magic - or magical forests, or that his abductors, a Unicorn and a Dryad, are even real. The Unicorn Zephyr begs to differ. He believes Kevin is the champion the Forest has been waiting for. And if he can talk Kevin into doing this small task, he will talk the hind leg off any four-legged creature to do it. The feisty Dryad Alliathiune thinks he's a forest-hater and just needs a jolly good slap, which she provides in style. Everyone else thinks he’s a wet blanket, an impostor, or by complete coincidence, some sort of mighty High Wizard. Throw in a Dark Apprenti

The Legend of El Shashi

The Legend of El Shashi A fantasy tale with an unusual, challenging plot,  The Legend of El Shashi  follows the story of a man who betrays his friend to a sorceress. The sorceress curses him with great power - the power to heal with a touch. But his every healing feeds her burrowing, ravaging Wurm, a storehouse of magic which she will use to her own evil ends. Every time he performs a selfish act, the Wurm rises to chase him for twice as long as before. What if you could never be selfish? Could you live with such a great curse, which is also a gift? At once an exploration of the power of miraculous healing on the human condition, the impact of grief and redemption on a selfish man, and the dangers, limits, and uses of power, The Legend of El Shashi  is a story that will stick with you long after you turn the last page. Come and experience The Legend of El Shashi  on Amazon now.