Editing like mad... Shioni of Sheba: The Mad Giant

I've been working like mad on The Mad Giant (part 3 of Shioni of Sheba) over the last few weeks - editing, re-editing, correcting, trimming... I feel it's coming on well. Here's a little taste of what to expect in Shioni's most exciting adventure yet...

There's a great battle“WASABI DOGS!” Talaku’s challenge thundered out over the din of battle, at a volume no ordinary man could have matched. “You whelp of scabby hyenas, born in a rubbish pit; you filth; you pus-licking worm-ridden sons of a camel’s lice!”

More magic and intrigue: The courtyard was deserted, silent; shadowed by the baobab’s leaves which gleamed silvery-grey in the moonlight. She could almost hear the castle breathing. Shioni shivered. Was the whole place steeped in magic? Or was this inkling merely her imagination, magnified by the lateness of the hour?

A flying elephant and a flying horseA peculiar thing happened just then, as she held that image of the flying horse lightly in the forefront of her mind. Her ears, attuned to the rhythmic drumming of Thunder’s hooves over earth, rock and water, suddenly told her they were hearing nothing of the sort.

And of course, the mad biter gets a piece of the action (literally): Flattening his ears and snorting like a furious warthog, Thunder surged forward and sank his teeth with the greatest relish right into the seat of Captain Dabir’s trousers.

Join Shioni and her friends in their most hair-raising adventure yet, in Shioni of Sheba: The Mad Giant. Coming soon! 


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